Weddings at Pie in the Sky

Calais pond viewed from bow of a canoe
Curtis Pond

Setting the Sunroom Table

photo by Jude

Barney Barn cat getting in place for a ceremony

three sheep on hillside in front of house
Sheep graze in front of sunroom

     If you and your partner are thinking about joining in marriage, we'd like to be your hosts at Pie-in-the-Sky. We can help with housing. We can help with a beautiful location for your ceremony, at the inn or back on our land, or in nearby towns. We can help with friendly justices of the peace. We can help with caterers and florists on your behalf.
We are in touch with local bakers of cakes which taste excellent as well as look pretty for your special occasion. We can connect you or obtain for you locally grown flowers, in season. One of the finest cake bakers in Central Vermont supplies the locally baked bagels on a regular basis to Pie in the Sky!      

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